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Tickets & Packages Available for the Gallery Theatre



Adult $15 / Seniors $13

Students $11

The Golden Ticket.png

Golden Ticket Package

Special Shows & Events

The Experience of

Live Theatre

Where Community

come to Play

The Golden Ticket.png
The Golden Ticket.png

Get all Three Shows

at a discount!

Save $$$

Golden Ticket $55

Buy 2 Golden Tickets for $100

Purchase your Golden Ticket

The Golden Ticket.png

The ticket gives the bearer entry to 5 Gallery Theatre Shows.

Plus 1 Free Popcorn per show & 1 signed playbill per show.

*Excludes specials events or       

 fundraiser events. 

Your Golden Ticket will be at the Box Office waiting for you!

Help keep the theatre experience alive!

We have plans for an exciting Gallery future!

Preserve the tradition of the arts in NC

The future needs the Gallery Theatre

A place where children learn to express

Behind the scenes we are cleaning & planning